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About me


Hi! I’m Fleur and I invite you to a journey  in a compassionate culinary universe.

This site was born out of love for non-human friends, passion for cooking and the desire to facilitate and encourage everyone to adopt   a vegan diet, to demonstrate that veganism is not only healthy but also a joy to the soul, eyes and taste buds.

The recipes presented are collected  from all over the world, adapted and given back to the world.

The recipes are veganizated and adapted so that we get maximum of nutrients.

Most recipes are quick, simple and tasty, for any occasion,  even it is for breakfast or for a dinner party.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me, I’ll answer with all my heart.



5 thoughts on : About me

  • Thursday January 30th, 2014

    Is there a Vegan Culinary school where Vegans can go to learn / Practice different ways of Vegan Cooking

  • Tuesday December 16th, 2014

    Thanks for the pure vegan recipes – I enjoy trying new dishes.

    • fleur
      Thursday January 22nd, 2015

      Thank you too!

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