Raisin cookies

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Boema cake

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The recipe is for 12 cakes of 5 cm x 5 cm (choose an oven form with the proper size, slightly bigger because the hard edges of the leaf will be removed. I’ve used an oven form approx. 23 cm long and 18 wide).



1.The caramel syrup (it will be used for the leaf and 2 tablespoons for the glaze).

½ cup sugar
¼ cup warm water

Put the sugar in a saucepan, on low heat, and melt it until it gets a nice amber color. Add the water and mix, still on the heat, until the sugar dissolves.

Allow to cool

2. The rum syrup

¾ cup water
½ cup sugar
1 ½ tablespoon rum essence

Put the sugar with water in a saucepan and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Bring it to the boil. Allow to cool, then add the rum essence and mix well

3. The leaf

350 g flour
100 g sugar
375 ml the soymilk
125 ml sunflower oil
1 teaspoon rum essence
the caramel sugar syrup prepared above (set 2 tablespoons aside for the glaze)
a pinch of salt
1 packet (15g) baking powder

Mix the soymilk, oil, salt, rum essence, caramel syrup and sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Add the flour little by little, taking care not to form lumps. Finally add the baking powder and mix well.

Grease the oven form with a little bit oil and sprinkle with flour. Pour the mix into the form and bake (in the preheated oven) on medium heat (175 C), for 30 minutes. Check with a straw/toothpick if the dough is baked inside, if the dough sticks to the straw bake for a few minutes longer.

Allow to cool, remove it from the form, level it cutting off the top then cut horizontally into two equal parts.

4. The cream

While the cake bakes in the oven we prepare the cream. (put aside 2-3 tablespoons of the cream for decorating the cakes).

200 ml vegetable whipping cream (I used Soyatoo)
150 g Soft silken tofu (I used Taifun)
2 tablespoons sugar (or to taste, the vegetable cream that I used it was quite sweet)
100 g pure chocolate, good quality

Whip the cream with a mixer / food processor until stiff.

Drain the tofu well and blend it until smooth.

Add the tofu and sugar by the whipped cream. Mix until everything is incorporated.

Melt the chocolate over a steam bath (bain-marie), let it cool slightly then add it little by little to   the cream-tofu mix while processing.

Refrigerate for half an hour.

Assemble the cakes:

I’ve used a plastic cutting board with a baking paper on top of it. You can also use a tray.

Place a leaf on the cutting board (tray) and pour half of the rum syrup on it, little by little and wait until it is absorbed completely.

Spread the chocolate cream evenly over the leaf.


Add the second leaf on top and pour the rest of the rum syrup just like for the first one.


Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 2-3 hours (I’ve prepared it the day before and refrigerated overnight).

Remove it from the fridge and cut it, with a sharp knife, in 12 pieces, each one with a size of 5 cm 5 cm (remove the hard edges if needed, I’ve removed about 1 cm each side).


5. The glaze

250 g sugar
75 ml water
2 tablespoons caramel syrup (see above)
2 teaspoons cocoa powder
50 g pure chocolate
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Put the water, sugar and caramel syrup in a saucepan, over medium heat, stir continuously and boil for 2-3 minutes. Take off the heat, let it slightly cool, it must be still hot, and add the cocoa powder, chocolate and vanilla. Mix well until smooth then pour it with a spoon over each cake.

You have to work quickly with the glaze. To obtain a nice glaze on cake, with no signs on it you must pour it at once, the icing fluid will flow over the edges.

If the glazing forms crystals or hardens and becomes difficult to pour then heat it again a little bit.

Refrigerate for half an hour then you can decorate them with the rest of the cream.


Decadent Chocolate Cake

tort ciocolata3

springform 22-24 cm diameter (for 10 – 12 servings)

For 1 base (prepare 2):

300 g flour
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
100 g raw sugar
125 ml sunflower oil
375 ml  soy milk
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
1 pack baking powder (15g)
a pinch of salt

Mix all the ingredients until the sugar has dissolved. Grease the springform with a little bit of oil. Pour the mix into the form and bake  (in the preheated oven) on medium heat (175 C), for 30-40 minutes. Ceck with a straw if the dough is baked inside, if the dough sticks to the straw bake for a few minutes longer. Allow  to cool, remove from the springform and cut horizontally into two equal parts.

Chocolate cream:

500 ml whipping vegetable cream (I used Alpro soya)
500 g silken tofu ( I used Taifun)
4 tablespoons sugar
300 g pure chocolate, good quality, with > 70% cocoa
3 tablespoons raisins soaked in rum   + the rum

Whip  the cream with a mixer / food processor until stiff.

Drain the tofu well and blend it until smooth.

Add the tofu and sugar by the whipped cream. Process until everything is incorporated.

Melt the chocolate over a steam bath (bain-marie), let it cool slightly then add it little by little to the cream-tofu mix while processing.

Finally add the rum and raisins and mix with a spatula.

Refrigerate for a few hours (or you can make it  the day before).

Assemble the cake:

 Place a leaf on a plateau, add a layer of cream, spread evenly. Repeat the process with remaining leafs. Cover the last layer with the rest of the cream, including the by sides.

Garnish with whipped cream and grated pure chocolate (for decoration I used whipped cream spray can Leha Schlagfix). You can also use coconut whipped cream (recipe here).

Note: because I’ve made the cake on a very hot day I encountered difficulties in assembling it because the cream was melting rapidly, so I’ve used only three leafs (this is why in the picture above you ca see 3  leafs instead of 4).

tort ciocolata2

Strawberry jam

gem capsuni2

1 kg strawberries
400 g raw sugar
juice of 1/2 lemon

Wash the strawberries, remove the leaves and drain well. Cut each strawberry in 2 or 4 (depending on how big they are).

Place the strawberries with the sugar in a saucepan of stainless steel or enamel, cover with a lid and simmer until the sugar has dissolved. Stir occasionally.

When the sugar has dissolved turn the  heat high and simmer for approx. 1 hour, uncovered, stirring often .

Check the consistency of jam by putting a little bit of jam on a saucer and letting it cool. If it is still too soft  (if it slides about as a liquid) continue cooking until you get a jam consistency, testing every 4-5 minutes because at the end it thickens  very fast.

Finally add the lemon juice and give it a boil.

Wash the glass jars  well, then put them in the oven to dry and sterilize them (at about 100 C).

Let the jam slightly cool (not too much) then pour it into the hot jars. Cover with a lid while still hot, label and store in a cool, dark cupboard for up to a year.

Raw carrot cake

For a medium sized cake, 8-10 servings:


• spring form (22-24 cm)
• food processor

For the first layer:

15 medium carrots, peeled and cut into  pieces
100 g walnuts
200 g dates
2 tsp. vanilla essence
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Process all the ingredients until  smooth.

Place the edge of the spring form (without the bottom) on a round platter. Add the carrot mix, spread evenly and press it.

Refrigerate until you prepare the second layer.

For the second layer:

200 g cashew nuts, hydrated in water at least 2 hours
2 tablespoons date syrup   (or any other vegan syrup )
1/2 can
 coconut milk
5 tablespoons coconut flakes
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

 Refrigerate the  coconut milk overnight. Use only the hardened part.

Process all the ingredients  until smooth. If needed add little by little more  coconut milk until the mix has the consistency of crème.

Spread on top of carrots mix.

The last layer (orange jelly):

fresh orange juice from  5-6 oranges
1 tablespoon sugar or any light color syrup
5 g of agar-agar

Strain the orange  juice. Add the sugar and bring  it to a boil, stirring occasionally. When it starts boiling add the agar ( dissolved in a little bit of orange juice, otherwise it will form  lumps). Cook it for 2 minutes,  stirring.  Allow to cool, check and stir  regularly because it hardens relatively quickly.

You can decorate the cake with some  carrot slices/forms. Carefully pour the jelly mix over it.

Refrigerate for at least 1/2 hour.

Keep it in the frige up to 2 days.

Variation: you can use the mini forms.

Caramel pudding

budinca caramel

For 2-3 servings:

400 g silken tofu
4 tablespoons raw sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1.5 teaspoons locust bean gum (carob gum)

Blend the  silken tofu with vanilla essence until smooth.

Put 4 tablespoons of sugar in a saucepan, on low heat, melt it until  it gets a nice amber color. Put a little bit of caramel on a piece of baking paper. Allow to cool then crush it. Use it to decorate the pudding.

Let the rest of the caramel on low heat and add about a quarter of the amount of tofu. Stir until the caramel has incorporated into tofu. Mix with the remaining tofu and carob gum.

Pour into cups and refrigerate for at least an hour.

Before serving garnish with  caramel.

Chocolate mint mousse

mousse cicolata1mousse cicolata1

For approx. 4 servings:

1 pack (350 g) silken tofu, well drained
100 g pure chocolate (> 70% cocoa)
10 dates
2-3 tablespoons fresh mint, to taste

Blend the tofu with the dates and mint leaves until smooth.

Melt the chocolate in bain-marie (steam bath). Pour  it over the tofu mix while the blender is running.

Pour the chocolate mousse into glasses and garnish with mint leaves of grated chocolate.

Serve directly or refrigerate till next day.

Fruit cake

tort cu fructe

For a (spring) form with a diameter of 22 cm.

1 cup flour
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup raw sugar
3 tablespoons oil
1-2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vinegar
pinch of salt

Mix the water with sugar, oil, salt and vanilla extract until the sugar has dissolved. Add the flour, little by little, stirring  to avoid lumps forming. Finally add the  vinegar, baking powder and mix well.

Grease the (spring) form with oil and coat with flour.

Pour the mixture into the form and bake it in pre-heated oven, at medium heat (175C) for approx30 minutes. Allow to cool.

For the cream:

1 pack silken tofu (350 g)
5-7 tablespoons  icing sugar, to taste
4 tsp. vanilla essence
2 teaspoons locust bean gum or 1-2 tablespoons coconut butter (oil), melted in bain-marie

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.

Refrigerate for at least an hour.

For the coconut whipped cream:

1 tin coconut milk

2-3 tablespoons raw sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Let the coconut milk tin in the refrigerator for several hours (or overnight).

Put in a bowl  only the white, solid part of coconut milk, add the sugar (2 tablespoons will be enough) and the vanilla essence and blend (with a mixer) until the sugar has dissolved and the composition becomes frothy (do not blend to long otherwise you’ll get coconut butter).

Assembling the cake:

Place the leaf on a plate and add   the silken tofu cream on top. Spread evenly. Add the whipped coconut cream on top.

Garnish with fruit as desired.

Before serving refrigerate for at least an hour.